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Congratulations Dr Gardner!

We are incredibly proud of our Executive Director Eli Gardner, whose doctorate has gone to publication after many (MANY) hours of hard work and persistence. Eli’s research piece, entitled Parenting in the community: A service evaluation of a universal, voluntary sector parenting intervention is closely linked to, and provides the framework for, the parenting programme run by Kids Matter in communities around the UK – have a look at the following abstract, published (along with Eli’s thesis) in The Journal of Community Psychology:

Evidence based parenting programs have been shown to improve parenting competence and reduce child behavior problems. More rigorous evaluations of such programs are needed in community contexts. This study provides such an evaluation of The Parenting Children Course, a voluntary sector program that is being run both Live and on DVD within a church context. A total of 225 parents participated in the study. Standardized questionnaires were used to measure key parenting variables before and after the course, and at follow-up 3 months later. Taking the course improved parents’ confidence and reduced parental negativity, but did not improve positive parenting skills. Parents reported that child behavior and family functioning also improved by the end of the course. There were no signs of decay at 3-month follow-up. Strengths and limitations of the study, implications for clinical practice and directions for future research, are discussed.

(Gardner EWoolgar MParenting in the community: A service evaluation of a universal, voluntary sector parenting interventionJ Community Psychol2018;113)

For more information on this doctoral piece, CLICK the following LINK, which will take you to publisher Wiley’s official journal page.


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