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Little African boy holding onto his father's leg.

Kids Matter at the Fatherhood Summit

Kids Matter participated in the Fatherhood Summit hosted by Who Let The Dads Out? at the weekend, which was a lively debate (involving golf balls!) on whether we are living in a golden age of fatherhood or a time of crisis (a case put forward by Gail Aldock).

Highlights included a thought-provoking talk by Mark Chester, who challenged us with questions like: “Discuss the relationship between outreach to fathers and Sunday church services. What, if anything, needs to change?” He also interviewed David Atkinson on his new book, “Inside Fatherhood“, which shares the experiences of dads in today’s complex world.

Rachel Shackleton spoke about Spurgeons work with dads in prison – 65 per cent of boys whose dads are in prison will offend themselves unless we bring Christ’s message of hope and reverse that trend.

Our very own Kids Matter facilitator Gareth Haddow shared about his fantastic community outreach project of Ambassadors Football; playing football with dads and building relationship with dads in the community. And, of course, Kids Matter chief Eli Gardner speaking on the panel at the summit…always a highlight for the team at KM.

Photo by frank mckenna on Unsplash

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