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Aylsham Community Church talks about Kids Matter

Kids Matter has the privilege of partnering with a number of churches that share a passion for strengthening families and building communities through our parenting programme. In a recent article on, Aylsham Community Church (which started running the Kids Matter Programme this year) talks about a vision to see Kids Matter parenting groups taking place in the various villages and towns surrounding Aylsham, and further afield.

Aylsham has met the need for help and support in parenting of families in their community by training facilitators and encouraging community links. Like us, the church hopes to see families thriving not just surviving; and for the church to be known as ‘a rebuilder of walls and a restorer of homes’. (Isaiah 58:12b NLT).

We are so inspired by Aylsham’s journey so far and are excited to see what God will do in this community. To read more about Aylsham Community Church’s experience of Kids Matter and how it works, follow the LINK.






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