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Southend Vineyard Kids Matter facilitator.

Facilitator Spotlight: Sam Vincett

This month, Kids Matter acknowledges Sam Vincett from Southend Vineyard, whose heart for family is driven by the firsthand experience of raising a large family herself. We appreciate Sam’s hard work and tenacity in running four Kids Matter programmes in her community; she is such an inspiration for any aspiring facilitators. Here’s what Sam told us: 

My name is Sam Vincett and I work for Southend Vineyard, a local church in Southend. I have a passion for working with families, perhaps mainly because I had five children very close together and found that period of my life  a struggle; having support and a sense of community, other people travelling the road with you is so vital at those times.

I had researched various parent groups and programmes but when I found Kids Matter training, quite by chance, I felt I had found what I was looking for. To date we have just completed our fourth group. The first two we ran in partnership with a local school, the one we use for church on Sundays and the second two we have run mainly drawing on the families who attend our Family Storehouse outreach.

The first two groups were small, but valuable nonetheless, the second two have been larger in size and also valuable. We completed our booster session for the fourth group this morning and already the parents were talking about friends who are interested in attending the next time we run one in September.

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