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Mom and baby.

How to show your mum you love her on Mother’s Day

Comms pro Andrea Zanin asks the Kids Matter team what they would like for Mother’s Day this year (other than an end to crazy)

Whilst toilet paper, baby wipes, baked beans and tuna fish are missing from shelves in supermarkets, there is no shortage of Mother’s Day paraphernalia – from plastic flowers and cards to teddies, chocolates, pink slippers, mugs, Prosecco (not bad), socks, candles and anything else that might translate into a quick buy for mums on their special day…which is also every day – right?

No doubt any of us would be grateful for any such though from our children but is there a gift that mums might prefer to pink, bubbly and fluffy? I decided to ask the mums and kids at Kids Matter to see what kind of ‘thank you for being awesome and incredible and doing everything under the sun for me’ might be on the cards for this year:

To Get

I would like anything that showed they had put a bit of time in: buying flowers or writing a card or making me breakfast. – Eli (mum of 3)

A home or food magazine is always a winner for me as I don’t buy them for myself. But I love it when kids write something special in a card for me. Jude (mum of 2)

Not cooking and a bunch flowers. – Jo (mum of 3)

The boys usually make me handmade cards, which I always love. – Celia (mum of 2)

I most appreciate feeling connected to my children so I appreciate anything that makes that happen i.e. having a coffee or lunch together or going swimming as a family. – Jules (mum of 2)

To Give

We have more recently graduated from presents to getting mum ‘experience days’ with me and my sisters; so, afternoon tea with the three of us or something like that. – Grace

As for me (mum of 5)I would love my own song choices on Spotify for an entire week. No sharing. (No Frozen or the Narwhal song and definitely no Little Mix, Fifth Harmony or Dance Monkey).  Also, no jumping on me when I am holding my tea or asking me for something when I sit down to drink my tea or stealing my tea when I am not looking.

My mum lives in South Africa and she’s always happy with a phone call; just to know that we are thinking about her (although I’ve forgotten a couple of times because Mother’s Day is in May! #facepalm).

The great thing about celebrating our mums is that, actually, it doesn’t have to cost anything at all. And this year, with social distancing a new and strange part of life, a simple “I love you, mum” over the phone, Facetime, WhatsApp, Skype, Zoom (whatever) or in person if possible, will mean the most.

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Photo by Derek Thomson on Unsplash

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