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Silhouette Of Parent Kissing Child On Head. Sunset.

Kids Matter comments on Scotland’s ban on smacking

Big in the news these last couple of weeks is Scotland’s decision to introduce a ban on smacking. Ministers have voiced support for the bill, lodged by the Green MSP John Finnie, which will reportedly become law in the near future – read the full article HERE.

Making smacking illegal is a bold move and without an alternative discipline strategy in place, does not necessarily clarify the situation for parents. Kids Matter is all for empowering mums, dads and carers with positive parenting skills to help families cope with children’s behaviour. Using praise, rewards and setting clear boundaries and expectations are some ways to encourage a positive attitude in children.

To find out more about our programme and how we can help parents manage difficult behaviour in their children, have a look at the Kids Matter website for information about our programme and please feel free to contact us with questions!

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