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Kids Matter feature article in the Church Times.

Kids Matter in the Church Times!

The Church Times has published an informative and well-researched article about Kids Matter – with insights from one of our founders Dr Eli Gardner as well as programme facilitators and attending parents. Read below for a taster (and CLICK HERE to read the full article)…

Many of those who attended the programmes had not experienced good parenting themselves. “When you ask the parents: ‘Who encouraged you as a child?’” Dr Gardner says, “there is often a deathly silence. The programme often leads to an awareness that they can do things differently, which is wonderful to witness.

“They are doing their best to keep safe, solvent, and housed. One of the things that often changes as the programme progresses is just the awareness that, when you shout or call names, or do not cuddle your children, it matters. It affects children in an adverse way, and there are kinder, more effective ways to discipline children that will help them flourish.“

Dr Bacon agrees. “It is not atypical that someone would turn up and not be able to raise her eyes to look at anybody. I have seen them transformed just by being listened to, hearing other people’s experiences, and learning new skills to help them parent their children. That is what keeps me going: seeing the difference that the programme makes.”

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