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Little girl hugging mother


No one is born a parent; we learn as we go. Even though I have been a mum for a large portion of my life (with three kids – aged 26, 20 and 9), I still wonder whether I am doing the right thing. I joined Kids Matter hoping to learn some new things that I didn’t already know. And I learnt a lot.

There was a nice atmosphere in the group – all the people were so nice and we had a good laugh. I always looked forward to the cakes, tea and coffee. And the booklets…I loved the booklets – they’re so good. Good quality, easy to read, easy to understand.

Everyone shared their parenting experiences – different ways of doing things. Since doing the programme, we’ve changed a few rules at home. For example, my son is not a great eater but both he and my husband have stopped bringing gadgets (iPads or phones) to the table and so now we talk together, and my son eats better. I am also not a kissy-kissy person with my 9-year-old but after discussing the importance of physical affection I give him more kisses – because I realised that it’s important to show love in your home and family.

I learned new things and I adapted them to suit my family, and this works for me. Kids Matter is great and I think people benefit because everyone shares. I’ve done the programme twice already (and invited three friends who’ve also done it now!) and would do it again.


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