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I have no family helping me with my children. I miss having people around who understand what I am going through as a parent and can help me work out any problems. The Kids Matter parenting programme was an opportunity for me to meet new people and help myself, as well as my children.

The parents in my group were so friendly and made me feel confident to share my struggles; how to control my children (homework, bedtime, watching TV and everything) and complete my college course at the same time. I felt angry about things happening outside my home but then even when I was at home (away from the stressors) I was still angry and being around noisy children didn’t help. They were going to bed late (especially my older son) and watching a lot of TV and even struggling to eat properly. I had no time for myself.

We were given sticker charts in one of the group sessions, which have been really good. My three children have loved the stickers – they each chose their favourite colour (my sons – green and blue, and my daughter – red) and they now have competitions to see who can earn the most stickers for doing well. They’re much better at listening to me and offer to help me, and try hard to be good. It’s really fun. We also enjoy reading stories and making things together.

Now, we have more of a routine at home, which means that I have more time for myself and am able to get out more. I also have more time for my older son, who watches less TV and plays more with his younger siblings.

The programme is especially useful for mums with small children or mums who have more than one child. Having the opportunity to listen to others who are struggling with the same problems as you, and sharing ideas and solutions, is so helpful. We can all do better but we have to learn how to first.


*Names have been changed to protect the identity of the individuals concerned.

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