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To date, 130 Kids Matter groups have been run in 50 economically deprived communities; reaching 1739 children from a range of ethnic backgrounds – of all faiths, and none.

Laura's Story

Watch Laura talk about how Kids Matter  helped her and her partner Chris be more confident parents, and the impact this has had on their family.

Hala’s Story

Once you have a child that’s it, you just worry all the time; seriously – all the time. Sometimes the world is too much. If you don’t have things like Kids Matter, the worry kind of consumes you; takes over your mind and then you bring it into your home.
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Helen’s Story

So much has changed since doing the Kids Matter programme. I left school at 14 (I’m now 30); I didn’t do very well back then but I’ve gone back to school to do my GCSEs and I got a B+. I’m more relaxed now; I don’t take things to heart so much. We talk more and I look at things differently.
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Sienna’s Story

I enjoyed the discussions on family because my partner is African and we do have some cultural differences, so it was nice to think about that and share my thoughts knowing that what I said would be kept in the room. 
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Little Girl Hugging Mother

Nina’s Story

No one is born a parent; we learn as we go. Even though I have been a mum for a large portion of my life, I still wonder whether I am doing the right thing. I joined Kids Matter hoping to learn some new things that I didn’t already know. And I learnt a lot.
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Mother Playing With Son

Vicky’s Story

Kids Matter helped me learn how to manage my kids a bit better. I’m quite hot-headed and I realise that I need to be calmer. Now, I try to remember to count and breathe in tense situations.
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Women At Support Group

Farida’s Story

I’ve done the Kids Matter parenting programme twice. My English is not very good – I am from Egypt and speak Arabic – but *Naomi helped me to understand the sessions; and the second time I understood better and found the information very helpful, especially because the culture here is very different from my country.
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Mum Participating In Parenting Group.

Brianna’s Story

Before, I was worried that the things I was doing weren’t right but now I am more confidence in what I am doing as a parent. I have two older children (10 and 12 years old) and two little ones (20-months and 3 years old) and I’d forgotten what worked with the bigger ones, so it was nice to be reminded.
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Lisa’s Story

I’d given up trying to get my daughter *Samantha into a routine. Her crying was unbearable and so I’d just give in and do it her way. I could listen to other people’s kids when they cried but when it was my own child – it just went right through me.
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Mums Baking

Shadha’s Story

The parents in my group were so friendly and made me feel confident to share my struggles; how to control my children (homework, bedtime, watching TV and everything) and complete my college course at the same time.
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Mom Cuddling Little Boy.

Charlene’s Story

At home, I was tearing my hair out with a youngster and a 4-year-old; I was getting frustrated with the kids and shouting at them, and just not feeling like a good enough mum. I wanted to figure out if there was a better way, so I decided to do the parenting programme.
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Kayleigh’s Story

My boys are close in age and I was struggling with my older son who was being really testing. I didn’t know what to do. In the first session I tried to filter my parenting struggles and then after the second session I just let it out: “My boys are so naughty, someone help me!”  
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Ayesha’s Story

One minute you’re pregnant, the next minute you have a baby in your arms. There’s no guide or warm-up; you just get thrown into being a parent.   Since doing the programme, I’m much calmer and better at recognising certain situations and honing in on key things that are happening with my children.
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Kidsmatter Group

“I really enjoyed the small group and I think it would have been harder if it was a large group ‘cos in this way we got to know each other as kind of as real people.”

Kidsmatter Group

“They had the tables all set up with refreshments and then we chatted and it just felt quite informal, so that was quite nice and then you know lunch was provided afterwards and so it was just really nice.”

Boy Sitting At Table Doing Homework.

“Since doing the course, since doing the love languages quiz, he (7-year-old) wants to spend more time with me and now his handwriting is better because I now understand his love language better. I’m learning myself as well; I’m learning patience.”

Kidsmatter Creche

“It was great that they had a crèche and it was also nice for me to kind of just let them play. You could see them play and you knew they were in good hands and you could get on and just enjoy your bit of time you know for coffee and just it was like being amongst friends almost.”

To find out about your local Kids Matter programme email or call us on 0303 040 1068.