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To date, 88 Kids Matter groups have been run in 50 economically deprived communities; reaching 1347 children from a range of ethnic backgrounds – of all faiths, and none.

Laura's Story

Watch Laura talk about how Kids Matter  helped her and her partner Chris be more confident parents, and the impact this has had on their family.

Charlene’s story

Before starting, I was worried that I’d be the only one having problems with my children’s behaviour and that everyone else would be happy and enjoying their children. That was my worry: that it was just me.  I learnt that everyone else feels exactly the same as I do (tearing their hair out!), which made me feel better. The struggle is real for everybody. 
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Kayleigh’s Story

My boys are close in age and I was struggling with my older son who was being really testing. I didn’t know what to do. In the first session I tried to filter my parenting struggles and then after the second session I just let it out: “My boys are so naughty, someone help me!”  
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Ayesha’s Story

One minute you’re pregnant, the next minute you have a baby in your arms. There’s no guide or warm-up; you just get thrown into being a parent.   Since doing the programme, I’m much calmer and better at recognising certain situations and honing in on key things that are happening with my children.
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Mom And Baby.

Emma’s Story

I’ve learnt a lot about myself through this parenting programme and have become a lot more confident in managing my son’s disability. I’ve learnt not to be so negative about myself. Before, I felt like a failure as a mum – like I just couldn’t do it; now I know that I can do it. Being a parent is hard but I can do it.
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Parent Helping Child

Raya’s Story

I was surprised at how much the programme helped me and how fun it was. I enjoyed hearing about other people’s experiences as parents – where they’re struggling, what they’re doing well and then sharing ideas and learning coping mechanisms that others have mastered. The cake was also good!
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Sally’s Story

Before I started the programme  my little girl called her sister “Mum” – not me, which made me feel down and depressed but I didn’t know how to correct her. I didn’t know how to communicate with my daughter; to ask her how her day was and whether she enjoyed school or even say “good night” and give her a kiss. I felt bad about this.
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Kidsmatter Group

“I really enjoyed the small group and I think it would have been harder if it was a large group ‘cos in this way we got to know each other as kind of as real people.”

Kidsmatter Group

“They had the tables all set up with refreshments and then we chatted and it just felt quite informal, so that was quite nice and then you know lunch was provided afterwards and so it was just really nice.”

Boy Sitting At Table Doing Homework.

“Since doing the course, since doing the love languages quiz, he (7-year-old) wants to spend more time with me and now his handwriting is better because I now understand his love language better. I’m learning myself as well; I’m learning patience.”

Kidsmatter Creche

“It was great that they had a crèche and it was also nice for me to kind of just let them play. You could see them play and you knew they were in good hands and you could get on and just enjoy your bit of time you know for coffee and just it was like being amongst friends almost.”

To find out about your local Kids Matter programme email or call us on 0303 040 1068.