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Supporting families during a pandemic – Kids Matter Impact Report 2020

2020 was a difficult year for everyone, however the most vulnerable in our country were and continue to be hit the hardest by the effects of COVID-19. Despite many barriers, we were still able to reach 508 children in need over the year, equipping their parents with the skills needed to build a strong family.

Read our Impact Report for more details and stories of how Kids Matter has made a difference in 2020, as well as the executive summary below (also featured in the report):

This year we have seen rising poverty throughout the UK rendering families in already disadvantaged communities unable to cope, with children often bearing the brunt of the consequences. Prior to COVID-19, child suffering was increasing at an alarming rate with around four million children growing up in poverty across the country. The Children’s Commissioner has reported that the effects of COVID-19 have since pushed over 300,000 more children into poverty as unemployment rises and the economy slows. The need for early intervention programmes to support parents of vulnerable
children is rapidly growing as a result.

The vision of Kids Matter is to see every child in need raised in a strong family. Therefore, our work has, and continues to be, critical at this time. We know our work has been a success when we see evidence of increased competence, confidence and well-being in our parents. These factors have been shown to mitigate the effects of adverse childhood experiences for children and help them to thrive, in spite of difficult circumstances. Through partnering with local churches, we are engaging all of our existing parents as well as new ones with local groups to connect to, despite being faced with today’s various social barriers. We are doing this through our outreach with physical parenting resources and locally-based volunteers trained to run online groups. We want to see improved family relationships, increased competence and assurance that parents are not returning to social isolation, but rather are connecting to others in their group and the wider community, even if partially online going forwards.

By partnering with the largest voluntary body in the country – the church – we are well-placed to provide affordable, accessible and effective interventions for vulnerable children and families during this COVID-19 pandemic, its aftermath and beyond.


Kids Matter is a programme that engages with families and young children before crisis point – it strengthens families by giving mums and dads the tools to be competent, confident parents or caregivers. To get involved, as a volunteer or by financially supporting our programme, please contact us at

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