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Girl Covering Her Face As Other Girls Point And Laugh. Bullying. School Girls Being Mean. Mean Girls.

How to talk to your child about bullying

Bullying happens every day – in school, on the street, online…everywhere. It may not be something that affects your child directly but chances are that if it’s not happening to your child, your child will have seen it or will know someone who it is happening to.

Boys Town, the child and family support network, says that the first step to preventing or solving bullying is to start a conversation. Talking is th​e best way to identify possible behaviours and to teach children how they can help. It’s also how trusted adults can show ​their support and let ​kids ​know they don’t have to go through a difficult time ​alone. Have a look at the below guide, which offers useful advice on how to ‘start the conversation,’ and visit to find out more about the organisation:

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