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Ten Simple New Year’s Resolutions For Mums And Dads

Ten simple New Year’s resolutions for mums and dads

New Year’s resolutions are a lot like Marmite – whilst some may not hazard a taste, others of us are happy to try. The trick to Marmite: less is more. Too much and it’ll assault your mouth but in moderation – with some lightly toasted bread, lots of butter and a thin spread – you’ll allow the umami to work its savoury magic in your mouth.

Resolutions are typically unpalatable because often we dream so big that we can’t realistically implement the changes we’d like to make. And in a culture where failure is a cuss word, we’d prefer to give up before we’ve even started. But what if we start small? When it comes to parenting there are probably a stack of things we’d like to to do differently; some easily achievable and some that might require a more complicated mental shift.

Think of your resolutions as habits; choose a couple (don’t overladen yourself because you’ll feel overwhelmed before you have started) and go in with a positive attitude. Start small and celebrate the small wins. Once you feel like you’ve formed a habit (you are consistently implementing change) up the anti to reach your goal (perhaps you’ve managed to get the kids hooked on one chore at home but you’d like them involved in more) or move to the next thing on your list whilst you’re feeling the momentum of success. And if you fail; remember that this is life and try again!

We’ve listed ten self-explanatory New Year’s resolutions for parents that might inspire you or encourage you to get persevere with your own:


Be kind to yourself

Clean less, play more

Take more photos!

Pick your battles

Listen better

Stop feeling guilty

Less screen time

Avoid “not now” and “because I said so”

Get the kids involved in chores

Give rewards not bribes


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Photo by Aswin on Unsplash

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