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Kids Matter equips local churches to deliver our accessible and effective parenting programme to parents living within more disadvantaged communities; giving mums, dads and carers the tools to build strong families.


Our Programme

Our programmes run in the heart of local communities or in prisons, connecting parents and carers in small groups, encouraging new friendships and strengthening family relationships.

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Dad & Son

Want the best for your child?

Need parenting help and would like support?  The Kids Matter programme tackles all the hard topics.

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How can you help parents in your community?

Work with our trained facilitators and co-ordinate groups as a community link.

Lady from Church

How can you get your Church involved?

Partner with us to deliver parenting programmes in local communities, schools and prisons.

Current Vacancies


Are you passionate about family life? Do you want to see transformation in the hardest to reach families and see an end to cycles of deprivation? Come be part of Kids Matter!

Hiring for: Senior Support Role job description

Application form – download here


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Timeline Photos

This awesome group of mums have just finished Kids Matter 😀💪💛

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Hackney Community Law Centre helps save single mother from homelessness after DWP wrongly accuses her of £60,000 fraud

‪So great to see families and children supported in #hackney - what a wonderful service! Good to know that churches like Frampton Park Baptist ... See more

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Timeline Photos

Are you passionate about family life? Do you want to see transformation in the hardest to reach families and see an end to cycles of deprivation? ... See more

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Beyond 100 Days - Series 1: 19/02/2020

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Katty Kay and Christian Fraser report on the events that are shaping the world.

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Ministers propose ban on unregulated care homes for children

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Concerns are increasing over unsuitable accommodation that puts vulnerable children at risk of exploitation

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5 Big Questions - Join the conversation

1 day left to answer the #5BigQuestions on the under 5s! 🖐️ Anyone can answer this online survey and help bring about positive, lasting change ... See more

By taking part in our quick survey you can help us create a national conversation and bring about positive, lasting change for generations to come.

6 days ago
'When mum went to prison I was labelled a bad kid'

“It is almost like a bereavement, because your parent is gone and even when they come back it's never the same dynamic."😢

#pareninprison ... See more

Toni was 11 when her mum first when to prison, she's now 21 and speaks about her experiences.

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How can you fight poverty in your community? – Kidsmatter

Rather than subscribing to the notion that if we (regular you and regular me) don’t work in government there’s not much we can do, what if we ... See more

How can you fight poverty in your community? 12/02/2020 Poverty rates have risen for children in the last five years. Seven in ten children in ... See more

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“I don’t shout anymore.  I used to be angry all the time, now hardly at all.  What helped? Kids Matter.  It helped to find other people to talk to. I am way calmer.”

“This week I have really tried to listen properly to my kids, and so I sat down when my son wanted to talk to me and he said ‘mum, you are really listening to me!’”

“Yesterday was lovely, just refreshing and going over things again. [My little girl] has come on leaps and bounds since the last get together, I’m so proud of myself and her!” 

“I’ve realised today that although I have anger issues, I am doing much better than I was a few years ago!”

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