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Kids Matter engages local churches to equip parents and carers facing disadvantages with confidence, competence and community, enabling their children to thrive.


Coronavirus Response: Our Resources

We at Kids Matter feel more called than ever before to provide the crucial social support to the parents most isolated and vulnerable at this time. We have printed over 1000 resources that have been distributed to vulnerable families through local churches. The resources range from parenting wellbeing tips to activities a family can do together. We are also in the process of creating an online-based provision to engage and support vulnerable families.

Visit our Resources page to see a selection of our resources and if you like to receive any for families in your community, contact Katie on

From a Kids Matter parent

‘Thank you Lynette Woodward for this today I REALLY needed to see this, I think as parents we always try to be ‘perfect’ parents when in actual fact is all our children need is for us to love them and to give it our best, I’ve had ups and downs with all my children and at times my limit has been pushed but with fantastic support from my friends and my Church #oakgrovechapel and the amazing support I’ve had off Lynette and the parents from the Kids Matter course I now have the tools I need to be the parent my children need.’

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Mum & 2 kids

Coronavirus Response: Parenting support

Our team of skilled psychologists and community workers have developed new resources for families and parents, tailored to provide specific support in the challenges to come.

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Coronavirus Response: Facilitator support

 We want to be adaptable and flexible as we support our churches and community partners in whatever way we can. Our blogs are full of ways to support the vulnerable families in our communities.

Mum and dad cuddling tiny baby. Happy family.

Help us keep supporting families in need

Now, more than ever, your financial support is so vital. Press the Donate button and join us in supporting struggling families during this time!

Sally's Story

Before I started the programme  my little girl called her sister “Mum” – not me, which made me feel down and depressed but I didn’t know how to correct her.

The programme showed me how to do things better. The other parents in my group challenged my  way of doing things and I  realised  that some of the things I was doing weren’t  right  for  my daughter.

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Our Programme

Our programmes run in the heart of local communities or in prisons, connecting parents and carers in small groups, encouraging new friendships and strengthening family relationships.

Find out more

Dad & Son

Want the best for your child?

Need parenting help and would like support?  The Kids Matter programme tackles all the hard topics.

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How can you help parents in your community?

Work with our trained facilitators and co-ordinate groups as a community link.

Lady from Church

How can you get your Church involved?

Partner with us to deliver parenting programmes in local communities, schools and prisons.


Get Social with us

6 hours ago
Oak Grove Community Church

Love hearing what Oak Grove are doing for their local families. So glad to be a part of it.

Another great box drop today, wooden spoon puppets to be made, rice crispie & marshmallow cake ingredients, rice and a kitchen roll ( an odd ... See more

19 hours ago
Oak Grove Community Church

So SO special! Thank you Oak Grove Community Church for sharing 💙🧡

Another great box drop today, wooden spoon puppets to be made, rice crispie & marshmallow cake ingredients, rice and a kitchen roll ( an odd ... See more

1 day ago
COVID-19 pandemic leaves children with no way to talk to incarcerated parents

‪”It’s almost too difficult to imagine. What if you were a child going through this crisis and you couldn’t talk to your parents?”

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It’s almost too difficult to imagine. What if you were a child going through this crisis and you couldn’t talk to your parents? That’s the ... See more

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Supporting Families in Isolation | Cinnamon UK

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Barnardo's: Young people have suffered "an unprecedented level of trauma"

“We know children who were already vulnerable before the crisis have been badly affected, and with families now under increasing financial and ... See more

Schools should use the first term back as a readjustment period for pupils, Barnardo’s has said, as “young people to an unprecedented level of ... See more

3 days ago
TikTok and a shoulder to cry on: why pupils in Gloucestershire wish lockdown school would never end

‪How some vulnerable children are blossoming (despite the immense stresses and limitations of living in a time of pandemic) because adults in this ... See more

Vulnerable students are blossoming, with part-time hours and one-to-one support state schools could only have dreamt of before

3 days ago
When parents fight does it matter? – Kidsmatter

Parenting is not just about looking after our children, it is about how we look after ourselves and our relationships in the family...

Check out our ... See more

When parents fight does it matter? 26/05/2020 Celia Dean, Clinical Psychologist at Kids Matter, offers some insight into inter-parental conflict ... See more

Current Vacancies


Are you passionate about family life? Do you want to see transformation in the hardest to reach families and see an end to cycles of deprivation? Come be part of Kids Matter!

Currently no roles available. 

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“This week I have really tried to listen properly to my kids, and so I sat down when my son wanted to talk to me and he said ‘mum, you are really listening to me!’”

“I don’t shout anymore.  I used to be angry all the time, now hardly at all.  What helped? Kids Matter.  It helped to find other people to talk to. I am way calmer.”

“Yesterday was lovely, just refreshing and going over things again. [My little girl] has come on leaps and bounds since the last get together, I’m so proud of myself and her!” 

“I’ve realised today that although I have anger issues, I am doing much better than I was a few years ago!”

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