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Kids Matter is committed to research into the effectiveness of our 3 programmes. Our dedicated research and evaluation team work with Clinical Psychologists and research experts to ensure rigorous evaluation and continuous measurement of our impact.


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What we measure?

We are keen to ensure that our parents are more confident in their parenting and are able to improve their own well-being, as we know both of these are key to bringing about change in family functioning and child behaviour.

 We measure our impact both qualitatively (through parents’ stories and quotes) and quantitatively through two standardised measures:

WEMWBS (Warwick Edinburgh Mental Well-being Scale, Tennant et. al., 2007) – Newly introduced to Kids Matter programme to measure parental well-being


TOPSE (Tool of Parental Self Efficacy, Bloomfield & Kendall 2007) to measure parental confidence.

We also check in with parents using our own My Parenting Journey (Non-standardised measure).

Our Impact: TOPSE

Results from our pre/post standardised questionnaire TOPSE show significant improvement post programme in:

  • Play and enjoyment
  • Empathy and understanding
  • Control
  • Discipline and boundaries
  • Pressures
  • Self acceptance
  • Learning and knowledge

With improvements remaining stable at 3 months follow up.

Our Impact: My Parenting Journey

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of parents say the programme has helped them and their hopes were met

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of parents play with their children more

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of parents listen and encourage more

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of parents manage their children better

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of parents would recommend to a friend

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of parents finished the 6 weeks feeling confident

Our Impact: Theory of Change

Click below to read Kids Matter’s Theory of Change.

Our Impact: Logic Model

Our Impact: Parent Quotes

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I have noticed a big difference with my daughter now that I am praising her more – she used to be so quiet and now she is talking all of the time!

Mum in community

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It follows to the wings – we talk about what we’ve discussed with each other. Before the course we didn’t talk about our kids.

Dad in prison

Click below to read a peer reviewed paper published by Dr Eli Gardner reporting the findings of the evaluation of The Parenting Children Course that Kids Matter is based on.

For further information please contact Dr Eli Gardner,