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In light of the recent call to physical isolation, in order for us to cope as a nation, we at Kids Matter feel more called than ever before to provide the crucial social support to the parents most isolated and vulnerable at this time. This page is full of resources to help create a calm, safe and fun place at home during this tough time.

Over 1000 resources have been printed and distributed to vulnerable families through local churches. If you would like to receive resources for families in your communities contact Katie on

Quote from a Kids Matter Facilitator

‘Thank you so much for the little encouragements you send out. I sent the one about not having to be perfect to my families and I got so many responses saying how much they had appreciated it and needed to hear that. And usually I hardly get responses to my messages, so that definitely means something.’

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Parent Encouragement

Download this great parenting encouragement to share with your local families.

Recipe Card

Visual Routine Board

Needing some routine back in your day! Download this visual routine board and set of activities to create a routine with your child.

14 Days of Fun and Life

A 14 day guide full of lots of simple ideas on how to do life in lockdown, and have fun, too! (This has been design by for Kids Matter)

Interpersonal Conflict

At the sharpest end of interpersonal conflict is Domestic Abuse. There is already evidence to suggest that rates of domestic abuse are increasing during the current Covid-19 situation, with some police forces in England already noticing an increase in reports of domestic abuse.

Download this resource for guidance on how to answer these questions:

  • How do we, as the church, gauge how serious a situation is?
  • What about if it is not Domestic Abuse but an escalation of parental conflict?
  • How we can we help parents through this stressful period?

Screen Time!!!!

Our kids love screens!! So it always so hard to get them off them, see below some top tips of how to end screen time well.


Love Languages


What ways can you be including all 5 love languages in your days? This table looks at how best to communicate each love language to your children/partner and what things to avoid!


Children without routines tend to cry a lot, be fussy and sleep badly at night.

Routines help children feel secure, understand how the world works and provide structure to their day; and they also help keep our family life predictable, calm and organised.

For a lot of us, we will need to create new routines, here is a helpful guide to creating a routine.



Rewards can be a good way of encouraging new behaviours or behaviours that a child finds difficult to master.

Rewards are not the solution to our children’s emotional challenges and struggles, but they can help in the short term, as they encourage positive behavioural habits.